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CFW 3.95 undergoing test phase coming out soon - by garethlye
Category: General on Wednesday May 14, 2008

A supposed "fetish programmer" is currently working on the next custom firmware project for the PlayStation Portable.
Based on the work of Team M33 and the recently released 3.95 official PSP firmware, custom firmware 3.95 will include many familiar features to get your PSP to run all your homebrew applications and homebrew games without a hitch.
I think it will come out within the week..


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Beats Off v.01 - by garethlye
Category: General on Wednesday May 14, 2008

Still beatin’ off to the same ol’ thing? For all the Beats fans out there, why not switch it up with something new…

Now jam your own beats with the PSP game, “Beats.” JBrown has managed to successfully load and play custom compiled BJS files using his new cross-platform app, “Beats off.” The package includes the Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X versions.
PS: this is for the pc

DOWNLOAD: http://www.psp-hacks.com/download.php?id=1475

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Accessing chatrooms by computer - by garethlye
Category: General on Wednesday May 14, 2008

To access the chatrooms with pc type in this url into the address bar.
Same goes to the soon to come French chatrooms

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PMPlayer Advance build 20080512 - by Kodess
Category: Homebrew on Tuesday May 13, 2008

PMPlayer Advance is a video player made by developer Cooleyes.
It can view PMP videos which is a faster encoding format if your source is DivX.
The biggest feature PMPlayer Advance has is that it can play videos at 66Mhz which doesn´t drain your battery much.
The newest update is that it can now also play MP4 videos! So now it can be a subsitute of the XMB Video Player.

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OPML & RSS Feeds - by Kodess
Category: General on Tuesday May 13, 2008

What are OPML and RSS Feeds? A question which is asked quite alot. If you want to know what they are and why they are a great feature of the PSP you should Read More...

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Features - by Kodess
Category: Website on Tuesday May 13, 2008

A list of new features which will be added to the website, including OPML Feeds, French chatrooms and lots more! Read More...

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Golden Dragon Team - by Kodess
Category: Website on Tuesday May 13, 2008

As our website grows through time, it also has it's losses. These losses are sometimes big and sometimes small.
The biggest loss is ofcourse that Borg doesnt have a PSP anymore and will not continue to work for this part (psp.gdteam.net) of the website.
But losses always come with something good. We have been able to embrace two new people to the team, Goatje, a couple of months ago, and Garethlye, a week ago.

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Playstation3 outsold Xbox 360 in April - by garethlye
Category: General on Tuesday May 13, 2008

Sony is pleased when their sales that kicked of the chart, beating the sales of the Xbox 360.
Though Playstation 3 is a big hit, Sony predicts that it will not beat the Wii. it is indeed cheaper and a bit cooler because of the wireless stick you wave around.
Here are the sales for April:
* Wii: 600,000 (734,000)
* PS3: 290,000 (363,000)
* Xbox 360: 275,000 (381,000)
* PS2: 160,000 (n/a)
* DS: 550,000 (609,000)
* PSP: 235,000 (282,000)

Unfortunately the psp is the least selling but still maintaining a fixed number whereas the DS is going down ever so slightly...


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Ubuntu 7.1 v0.1 beta - by garethlye
Category: General on Sunday May 11, 2008

Ubuntu 7.10 v0.1 beta is the latest shell replacement program for the psp.
Its just another shell replacement? Well you're wrong!
What makes this shell program more enticing than other is that it was lincensed under the freeware distribution of GNU/linux!

A linux looking shell replacement for the psp!
This would be great for all those mac lovers..

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PSP Filer ver 5.0 - by garethlye
Category: General on Saturday May 10, 2008

Don't like IrShell? But want to manage your files on the psp without the use of a computer?
Then PSP filer is a homebrew for you!

Oh yea file in style.. PSP filer by Mediumgauge is no doubt the best multi-purpose file manager homebrew app for the psp. Manage both files and directories on your memory stick, UMD drive, and flash0/flash1. PSP Filer also includes a set of integrated applications - rip UMDs directly to your memory stick, view pictures, text & binary files, WAV playback, read-only RAR support… And much, much more…

What's new?
~ added Greek mode.
~ fixed a bug that Filer was crashed when it opened some kind of RAR file
~ fixed a bug that a zipped file made by Mac OS could not be accessed.

DOWNLOAD http://www.psp-hacks.com/download.php?id=1075

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PSP CFW 3.93M33 and 3.93M33-2 and 1.5 Kernal addon - by garethlye
Category: General on Friday May 9, 2008

Sorry this is a week late but its important for psp users.

PSP CFW 3.93M33!
This CFW was not made by Dark_Alex or team M33, but the anonymous developer made it based of their work..

~Uses the 3.93 kernel
~Implemented all the original custom firmware features.
~Ability to use the normal recovery inside the XMB by pressing the HOME button.
~When in the recovery, the system is suspended, and you can change all options directly.
~All options work immediately, there is no need to reboot (even the Slim’s USB charging option)
~Ability to make a Pandora battery from the recovery, read and restore the EEPROM, etc. Providing that the motherboard supports it.
~Given the ability to hide MAC address, will be shown as all 0's
~Ability to save the savegames in normal format, rather then encrypted (only functions in March33 and Sony NP9960 mode).
~ New popstation but not as good as the original.

DOWNLOAD http://www.psp-hacks.com/download.php?id=1460

~ Select button problem on Sony Keyboard has been solved.
~ HellCat’s save game deemer has been deleted.

DOWNLOAD http://www.psp-hacks.com/download.php?id=1468

1.5 Kernal addon for 3.93M33
Install kernel 1.50 on a PSP Fat. To use the 1.50 kernel for an application, you’ll absolutely need to put the kernel to 1.50, even if the application is in the GAME150 directory. If you change the kernel in VSH Recovery, you’ll still need a reboot.
The new recovery has this two asked features:
o Suspend device
o Shutdown device

DOWNLOAD http://www.psp-hacks.com/download.php?id=1461

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Vacation! - by Kodess
Category: General on Thursday May 8, 2008

As you can see we have a new newswriter, Gareth. We also have a different news system, which well was more editable, so we could make it look better.

Now the vacation part of the news. Me and toby will not be available for a week, because we are enjoying a vacation. Sorry for any trouble this creates. After that vacation I have to really get in to school, so will have little time for the site. I hope you guys can deal with it :D.

Happy Holidays,

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PSP's portal chatrooms - by garethlye
Category: General on Thursday May 8, 2008

I have heard some complaints and over spamming messages because they kept pressing the send button because they couldn't see their message.

You'll have to disable your cache in settings in your psp's history.
I do not want to see this problem being aroused again in the chatrooms..
thank you


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XMC's PSP Slim Night Glow face plate - by garethlye
Category: General on Thursday May 8, 2008

Simple PSP users are boring...
Thats why they made this neat accessory to make you look like you have style.
This is for use in dark places where the screen will glow beautifully, and does not get to bright for it to ruined your eyes.
It comes in different colors and is only made for Slim

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You're new news writer...ME! - by garethlye
Category: General on Thursday May 8, 2008

Hello everyone!
This is Gareth, you're new news writer in the psp portal.
I will write just about everyday about psp news and give u direct links to my source..
News such as cool psp hacks, new CFW/FW, psp breakthrough etc etc
I also provide translations of my news if requested..
Wish me luck! Will start tomorrow.. :D

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