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Deadalus R14 Beta Released - by garethlye
Category: General on Tuesday May 27, 2008

The silent StrmnNrmn Daedalus project and which was issued in R14 beta.

Newcomers should know Daedalus emulates the Nintendo 64 console; it’s in the beta stages of development and many roms aren’t playable. Although, you should still give it a shot — Daedalus deserves it.

Longtime readers — R14 exhibits some improvement, but is said to be slightly buggier. You win some you lose some.

Daedalus R14 changes:

A bit of ME support
A tad faster
A bit buggier.
New Icons etc
Known issues:

Debug menus popup - these are bypass-able by pressing the SQUARE button and shouldn’t be very often.


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Beta..? - by Kodess
Category: Website on Monday May 26, 2008

Big updates coming soon. Wanna

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Plugin Section - by Goatje
Category: Website on Sunday May 25, 2008

Hello All!

I am busy with finishing off our new plugin section. In this section you can download prx plugin files and install them directly to your psp with a simple install file.. Read More...

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Comment system fixed (half) - by Kodess
Category: Website on Sunday May 25, 2008

So yay!
You can comment again, though the design is very buggy....
Atleast I fixed it right? :unsure:

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Best software sales for the psp - by garethlye
Category: General on Sunday May 25, 2008

If you're one of those people who are looking to know what games and consoles are hot in Japan, then look no more. We were able to grab the latest release from Media Create for the hardware and software sales.

1. Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G - 53, 248
2. Mario Kart Wii - 41, 739
3. Luminous Arc 2: Will - 40, 753
4. Bleach: Heat the Soul 5 - 39, 403
5. Wii Fit - 34, 847

As you all know that monster hunter is the best game Capcom has ever created.
It has been rated 5/5 many times!
For those of you who would like know more or would like to try this game please PM me in the forums..

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PSP dominates as the Ultimate Portable Device - by garethlye
Category: General on Sunday May 25, 2008

If you're one of those people who are looking to know what games and consoles are hot in Japan, then look no more. We were able to grab the latest release from Media Create for the hardware and software sales.

1. PSP - 70,536
2. Wii - 41,572
3. Nintendo DS - 34,905
4. PlayStation 3 - 7,701
5. PlayStation 2 - 7,022
6. Xbox 360 - 1,474

WOOHOO!!!!!! Playstation 2 which is more than 5 years of age is still selling better than the XBOX 360!

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TPM Encryption Chip - hope against piracy? - by garethlye
Category: General on Sunday May 25, 2008

Will this finally be the unbeatable solution to the rampant problem of gaming piracy? According to Nolan Bushnell, founder of Atari, a certain TPM chip will eventually make piracy a thing of the past. What exactly is this TPM chip? Apparently, it is a stealth encryption chip that is currently being built into the latest motherboards. Bushnell further explained:

What that says is that in the games business we will be able to encrypt with an absolutely verifiable private key in the encryption world - which is uncrackable by people on the internet and by giving away passwords - which will allow for a huge market to develop in some of the areas where piracy has been a real problem.

However, this doesn't mean that it will also apply with video and music files, which the Atari founder deemed unstoppable. That makes sense, since some enterprising people resort to capturing movies using video cameras, while they are being played in theatres. Now, how can you apply encryption on that?

Gaming, of course, is another story. "Games are a different thing, because games are so integrated with the code," Bushnell said. How will this TPM chip affect regions where software piracy reins supreme? We will have to wait and see...

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Hello again everybody - by Crytek
Category: General on Saturday May 24, 2008

Hello again,
my PSP was send up to Sony cause ive got a broken screen ive got my psp back actually its not my psp ive have a new one.
It's the old model but he is new and the cirkel at the back is blue.

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Homebrew Of The Week [GAME] - by garethlye
Category: General on Saturday May 24, 2008

Kurok PSP Demo v0.1
Homebrew developer MDave has released Kurok PSP Demo v0.1 on the PSP. A first person shooter game which uses a modified Quake engine port complete with multiplayer. Quite a fun time-killing game..

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NervOS 2.0 Shell Replacement - by garethlye
Category: General on Saturday May 24, 2008

NervOS Release
Mann, Ir Shell has some serious competition here..

NervOS 2.0 features:

File Browser: improved extension system, there should be no errors anymore.
New original theme (by CO_ol)
Improved keyboard: does not hang anymore
Added support for March33, Normal and SonyNp9660 drivers
Added 3 core files: usbhostfs.prx, ctrl.prx and isodrivers.prx
NervOS Configuration: ability to change ISO Driver, disable/enable Are you Sure Question, change CPU speed, change font, disable/enable Splash Screen and disable/enable Log In.
When exiting from NervOS, if you have the nosautoboot.prx enabled, it will not return to NervOS anymore.
Improved screenshot function, does not overwrite saved screenshots anymore.
File Browser: detects every extensions (if they are typed in the file name)
NervOS uses flash memory from now on *
PSX Game Loader
NervOS Recovery
Text Editor
NervOS Installer
Ability to have up to 3 users using NervOS
Log In feature - password + username
NervOS Wiki


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PSP Filer 5.1 - by garethlye
Category: General on Saturday May 24, 2008

Now do more with Mediumgauge’s PSP Filer… The popular homebrew app has received yet another update, resulting in PSP Filer version 5.1+. The plus denotes a couple bug fixes found in the earlier 5.1 release. And most notably, 5.1 introduces the convenience of in-homebrew USB support.

You know the rest.

PSP Filer 5.1+ changes:


[5.1] enabled to connect to PC via USB in kernel3 version.
[5.1+] fixed a bug that the kernel3 Filer could not run under some kind of CFW version (that caused in 5.1 only). Instead, in those CFW, 5.1+ of kenel3 Filer cannot run USB feature.
binary viewer:

[5.1] added a binary-editor feature.
note: a large file (more than 22MB) and an archived file (which is bound in .zip, .rar, etc.) cannot be edited.
binary editor:

[5.1+] fixed a bug that Filer crashed when it opens 0 byte file.

DOWNLOAD: http://www.psp-hacks.com/file/1075

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Psl_Installer 0.5 - by garethlye
Category: General on Tuesday May 20, 2008

People who love to personalize their Sony handhelds should be aware that homebrew developer albandu51 released a new version of the PSP theme manager, Pxl_Installer (previous version also available) Featuring new themes, wallpapers, and other additions such as download percentage display, this version shouldn't be missed.

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PSN Japan's new demo: Valhalla Knights 2 - by garethlye
Category: General on Tuesday May 20, 2008

Marvelous Interactive has released a demo for Japan's copy of Valhalla Knights 2 for the PSP. Admittedly, it took them longer than expected, though at least you can now give the game a try.
Goto the playstation network and get it yourself.
Requires firmware 3.95

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Activision and Vivendi leaving ESA, EA still holding trust - by garethlye
Category: General on Tuesday May 20, 2008

Jeff Brown, the vice president of Electronic Arts, has criticized Activision and Vivendi's decision to leave the Entertainment Software Association (ESA), as well as the companies' choice to withdraw from E3.

According to Brown, Activision and Vivendi's decision to leave the ESA "reflects an unfortunate lack of leadership." He further added that this act isn't a very responsible thing to do given their status in the gaming industry:

They're a big company and we feel that when you're a big company you've got a responsibility to consumers to work on policy issues which are very, very important to consumers. And the best way to do that is with an industry consensus. That's the way it's been done with the ESA in the US, and with ELSPA in the UK.

He further added that the system the ESA is using may not be perfect as there are still disagreements within the circle of developers who are still a part of it. However, he believes that it does work:

There's always tensions inside these organisations, but for the most part it works. So it was sad to see them step away from that responsibility. We hope that others don't do that, but I think that the onus is on the ESA to prove that membership in it is good for the company and good for consumers. And I think we're going to see the ESA redouble its efforts to prove that.

Finally, Brown reaffirmed their commitment to the ESA and reassured everyone that this year's E3 will still be successful. To end, here's what he had to say about the issues in question:

EA is 100 per cent committed. There's Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, THQ, Disney, a bunch of others – and I assume all the others are still locked into it.

For that matter, Activision Vivendi is going to be doing an event of some description in Los Angeles at the same time, so there's still critical mass. Everyone's going to be in Los Angeles this summer and it's hard to imagine it isn't going to be a successful event.

by garethlye

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DESIGNERs / ARTISTs WANTED - by garethlye
Category: General on Friday May 16, 2008

Ok we are thinking of changing the logo of the portal of that old one to a better looking one..
So we need designers/artist or anyone with experienced with the photoshop.
Basic Specifications (may change):
~ A golden dragon
~ A PSP (any)
~ The text "P-SPOT" without quotes on it
~ and also a moto
~ has to look cool and not cute (like cute anime pics)

Please PM me or CodesRcool about the moto and ill see if its suitable.
And please...
No nudity, explicit texts, copyrighted pictures (we'll get in trouble if included), linking to competing websites, gayness, cuteness etc etc
It has to be about games and the psp console. As long as there is a golden dragon and pspot on it, ill look into it.

People that help make the logo will be rewarded...in a way that i choose (decent gift)
PM me for further info.. :roll:

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Weekly Game Review: Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops - by garethlye
Category: General on Thursday May 15, 2008

This review was suppose to be last weeks one but ill post it now..:D

Big Boss returns to battle in this all-new MGS action game for the PSP system. Set in 1970, the game acts as a missing link in the ongoing Metal Gear Solid narrative, as players learn more about returning characters such as Para-Medic, Major Zero and Sigint and also witness Big Boss' greatest tragedy -- one that sets into motion the events of later games in the series' timeline. Portable Ops introduces a new team building mechanic that brings additional depth and gameplay variety to the series -- players can now capture and recruit characters and train them to be part of their army to help Snake on his mission! The game also features fully-voiced cut scenes with original artwork by acclaimed visualist Ashley Wood.
In addition to a full-fledged single player mode set after the events of MGS3: Snake Eater, the game's multiplayer modes let players take their custom squad online to do battle across new levels, featuring a unique "White Flag" mechanic that will allow players to fight to the death (with your valuable squad on the line if you lose) or surrender to compete again.

Gameplay Video: http://www.megavideo.com/?v=K1Z4OGD0

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Weekly Game Review: Gundam Seed Rengokou Vs Z.A.F.T - by garethlye
Category: General on Thursday May 15, 2008

Aside from Gundam games from the series creator Bandai, our friends at Capcom have over the last few years created various Gundam arcade games. This being one of them. The game looks set to be your usual robot battlefest , which is fine by me, having been a lover of giant fighting robots since Virtual-on. There will be a mission mode, where you no doubt get to prance around in your shiny 'bot mashing up those bad guys good and proper. There's also the arcade mode, where you get to straight up fight against the CPU or with 3 friends. If you have 3 Gundam crazy friends that is. This game we probably won't be seeing a release of over here, so it's off to your local neighborhood import merchant. Gundam Seed: Rengou vs. Z.A.F.T. Portable is out early April in Japan.

GamePlay Movie: http://www.megavideo.com/?v=4E3OL3TZ

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Homebrew of the week: [game] Kitten Cannon - by garethlye
Category: General on Wednesday May 14, 2008

"Kitten Cannon" is orginally by Dan Fleming but has been ported by SG57.
Kitten Cannon is very simple to play and maybe harder to watch if you're the squeamish type

Just aim the cannon using the up/down directional pad buttons or analog stick and use [X] to fire. The red bar on the cannon indicates the power of your shot. Leave the rest to gravity and the objects that litter the ground. Press [START] to pause and SELECT while paused to return to the main menu.

Take screenshots with the TRIANGLE button - saved in "Kitten Cannon/Screenshots/'. Highscores are now automatically saved in the Screenshots folder.
Download coming soon!

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- by
Category: on Thursday January 1, 1970

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Time baby v15c - by garethlye
Category: General on Wednesday May 14, 2008

Developer Art has recently announced the release of Time Baby version 15c. Among other changes, this new build will be implementing BenHur's Intrafont lib.


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