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PSP Genesis competition: Would you like to win 3200$? - by Zasisem
Category: General on Tuesday February 8, 2011

Here we go!

"As I type this, the cumulative amount of prizes is 3200$, of which almost 3000$ is cash. Want to know more? Is it enough if I say that the first prize is the impressive amount of 1600$? did I lie when I said that my personal contribution of 100$ would be only a small part of the prizes?

What else? 750$ for the second best entry, 400$ for the 3rd one, 100$ for the membersí vote on /talk, A PSP Go for the members vote on psp-hacks.com, as well as my personal contribution of 100$ for my favorite open source entry.

Many thanks go to npt, psp-hacks.com, pspslimhacks.com, wololo.net, the first sponsors of this massive event. We are still welcoming more sponsors of course, so if youíre interested to become a sponsor of this contest, please check the sponsorsí page.

And if youíre a homebrew developerÖ Well, I do believe that the prizes should be motivation good enough. So go and check the rules, you have until May, 15th to submit your entry!

(We are still ironing out a few things, we didnít expect something that huge, please bear with us as itís our first time organizing such an event)"

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