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Homebrews working on all PSP[Signed HB] :: Wednesday January 19, 2011 :: posted by Zasisem

Let's quote wololo on what he has to say:

Developer kgsws (remember the MOHH exploit? ) posted on/talk a few hours ago? a homebrew that runs on a PSP without “any” hack. This is the results of days of experimenting with the PS3 Firmware, in which keys used for signing PSP applications were discovered by Mathieulh. . It's already released got to Wololo's site

What does this mean? It means no more "corrupted data" for all you noobs that have no idea what im talking about. Why? because you dont need CFW or HENS anymore, and also the Downloads will be changed so when it doesnt say "corrupted data" That's because you dont have a hacked PSP but with this you dont need a hacked PSP anymore

To quote wololo on what he said:

"This is only a proof of concept for now, we can’t be sure if a “sign your own homebrews” tool will be released any time soon, but this is a major breakthrough for the PSP scene, probably as ground-shaking as the Pandora batteries almost 4 years ago…

The homebrew has been confirmed to work on PSPs with Official Firmware, you can download it here to test.

Congrats to all the devs involved in this (I said it already, but I’ve never seen so many devs in one thread)! And please don’t post that “it works” in the programming thread, we will delete posts that are not directly related to development."

You can find most homebrews that are already signed here: Here

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