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No more need for CFW[Hacks] :: Monday January 3, 2011 :: posted by Zasisem

No more need for hacking your PSP, no more need for CFW, because all of your Homebrew needs will come true. Want to know why?

If you’ve been following the PS3 scene you know team fail0verflow has crippled the PS3 security in its entirety, and with that geohot has shared the keys — the keys that can be used to sign any 3rd party code, meaning custom firmwares and all types of homebrew are heading towards a PS3 near (or in) your entertainment cabinet. That in mind, with some other hacks, Mathieulh has revealed he is now able to sign anything PSP (he found the KIRK encryption/decryption keys) — I’m talking EBOOTs, prxs, custom firmwares — all signed and headed towards your PSP too.

What does all this mean? Well now no hacks are needed for anything really… With these keys we’re able to “sign” anything, and as far as the PSP/PS3 is concerned, it’s official — officially signed as if Sony themselves signed off on it.

-greg @ psp-hacks.com

In shorter words it means: No more needing to hack your PSP.

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