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P-SPot project dead, needs new administrator! :: Wednesday April 29, 2009 :: posted by Borg

We...or...I want to make someone happy and make him the new p-spot administrator.
As you know, P-SPot exists out of 3 leaders, me, Borg Queen X, Kodess and goatje.

Kodess and goatje both kinda abandonded the project. i want to give this site project and recources to someone else, who wants to make it a better place and maintained.
I want to put effort in this site, but not when i dont have any help.
once i found someone who can help me, im going to work on the project as well.

So if you know php, html, and want to upgrade this site, together with me, then contact me: gdteam_admin (@) mail2007 (dot) com


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