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Borg Queen X is BACK!!! :: Saturday February 7, 2009 :: posted by Borg

i got a psp again. the psp3000. i will update you guys with psp news again, and hopefully i can get custom firmware on my psp3000 soon :)

I also have updated the music section, becouse i was gone so much.
Take a look and enjoy the loads of new music :)

by sgztimynbk - Monday March 23, 2009

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by Dark_alex - Sunday February 15, 2009

u cant get cfw on 3000 its un hackble sorry:'(:'(:puke::@

by zakir8 - Thursday February 12, 2009

gay fag:@:s:unsure::push::puke:<img src=h:" />:love:<img src=h:" />:puke::puke::puke::'(:amazed::eek::huh::love::love::weirdo::unsure::s:roll::push::puke:<img src=h:" />:o:love::idea::huh::hmm::eek::amazed::'(:P:O:D:@:):$8)

by zakir8 - Saturday February 7, 2009


when is the new site gonna be up?

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