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Dark_Alex Release Custom Firmware 5.0 :: Saturday October 18, 2008 :: posted by Crytek

Well, here we have it: Dark AleX's PSP custom firmware 5.00 M33. This is one of the best Custom Firmwares/Official Firmwares i ever seen before.

Well, here we have it: Dark AleX's PSP custom firmware 5.00 M33. Here's what's new:

* 4.01 to 5.00
* Bug fix: when changing speed in xmb, and the psp turned the brightness to 0 automatically the speed was reseted to 222 again.

More notes from Dark AleX are included in the readme.

*Update* Dark AleX did a quick hi-hello in their forums, responding to some reported problems with loading PSX games on CFW 5.00. Here's his note:

Some people have noticed an error 0xFFFFFFFF appearing launching their psx games.

The reason of this is due to some converters like psx2psp using 32 bits depth when converting the png icon, and new pops only support 24 bits format.

In future versions M33 will check if the depth is invalid, and in that case replace the icon by the dracula one, anyways this is not critical, and an update won't be released only for this.

If you want to make those psx games work in this version, reconvert them using popstation command line tool and using a 80x80 24 bits png icon. Alternativelly if you want to continue using psx2psp and you don0t mind about savedata icon being dracula one, go to options in psx2psp, and in icon0 select "Old default".

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