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PSP Genesis competition: Would you like to win 3200$? :: Tuesday February 8, 2011 :: posted by Zasisem

Wololo had to say:

"A few days ago, I announced the upcoming PSP Genesis competition, a massive PSP homebrew contest. I announced it would be one of the biggest psp scene contest ever in terms of prizes. Iím extremely proud to announce that thanks to the massive positive reaction from several sites of the PSP scene, the PSP Genesis competition is going to be THE biggest PSP contest ever."

Here we go!

"As I type this, the cumulative amount of prizes is 3200$, of which almost 3000$ is cash. Want to know more? Is it enough if I say that the first prize is the impressive amount of 1600$? did I lie when I said that my personal contribution of 100$ would be only a small part of the prizes?

What else? 750$ for the second best entry, 400$ for the 3rd one, 100$ for the membersí vote on /talk, A PSP Go for the members vote on psp-hacks.com, as well as my personal contribution of 100$ for my favorite open source entry.

Many thanks go to npt, psp-hacks.com, pspslimhacks.com, wololo.net, the first sponsors of this massive event. We are still welcoming more sponsors of course, so if youíre interested to become a sponsor of this contest, please check the sponsorsí page.

And if youíre a homebrew developerÖ Well, I do believe that the prizes should be motivation good enough. So go and check the rules, you have until May, 15th to submit your entry!

(We are still ironing out a few things, we didnít expect something that huge, please bear with us as itís our first time organizing such an event)"

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