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Be the first to hack the NGP and receive 20’000$? :: Tuesday February 8, 2011 :: posted by Zasisem

That would be awesome, right?

This year, Google announced they would award 20’000$ to anybody who would hack Google Chrome during the Pwn2Own contest. This contest aims at testing the security of major web browsers and mobile phones, and rewards the best hackers with impressive cash prizes, as well as cool hardware.

Earlier this year, Microsoft gave a t-shirt to the hackers of Windows Mobile 7, and Microsoft devs had a friendly discussion with the Windows Mobile 7 homebrew community, in order to see how Microsoft and independent devs could work together.

Who knows, Sony might participate in next year’s Pwn2Own contest. The prize for the first one to find a security issue in their systems: a lawsuit. Who wants to participate?

If only Microsoft or Google made a portable console, I wouldn’t even have to bother hesitating between Sony and Nintendo anymore :)

by Barneyxcq - Sunday February 18, 2018

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