P-SPot Forum Rules:

1-Never spam!!!

This means: Do not make topics whith minor/zero text. Do not post reply's like: cool/nice/good/lol and stuff like that. Do not try to buy/sell something.

2-Do not shout/talk about bad things!!!

Do not shout against each other. And do not make a other member feel uncomfortable.

3-Aliens got green blood!!!

Just remember it ok?

4-Talk about topic subjects only!!!

Stay ontopic, do not post anything that had nothing to do with the topic.

If you do not follow these rules you will be warned. do it again, then you'l be warned again. Do it for the third time and you will be banned, that means you wont get access to post on the forums anymore.

If you agree to these terms click the button below and have fun on the forum.