Frequently Asked Questions)

Question: Why cant you add a demo from the playstation download store?
Anwser: Becouse the playstation download store uses DRM (Digital Rights Management) files. These are license files that will be written to the firmware of your psp. These files are not editable, and their purpose is to make sure that if you download the files from the playstation download store, that it can only be used for the one who downloads it. And those files are heavy encrypted, so thats why we cant add those demos from the playstation download store.


Question: Why does my psp give a error code when i want to start a homebrew game or application?

Anwser: Option 1: Its most likely that your PSP does not have custom firmware installed. Goto "settings" under your psp main menu, then goto system information and see what firmware in installed on your psp. If it only gives a number without OE or M33, then you dont possess custom firmware and homebrew games and applications wont work on your psp. You can get custom firmware by using the pandora battery, search google or see the tutorial section at our forums to see how that process goes.

Option 2: Your custom firmware psp does not possess firmware 1.50 kernel mode. On a fat psp, get and install it from our firmwares section. On a slim/lite psp, search google for PSP Time Machine, and try that out.