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Beta..? - by Kodess
Category: Website on Monday May 26, 2008

So we decided that we are giving the whole website a new jacket.... and heart.
This means, a new and better system, and a good looking website.
We plan to include a member system, enabling you to upload homebrew, videos, wallpapers and more, via your PC or PSP.
The download system is gonna get a big tweak, due to us getting a database system.... :hmm:finally.

These are some updates that we are not just gonna leak out. This will be one big package, so one day, you'll go to the site and WHAM a whole new cool look:D.

PRX Installer will come soon though:P.

These updates do mean that we will be needing more staff, to moderate some stuff. This does not mean you turn admin straight away, you start out as a moderator, maybe you get to be an admin later:D, PM me at the forums if you're interested.

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