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What's Up? :: Thursday October 16, 2008 :: posted by Kodess

Yeah it's not really fair to keep you guys out of the mail ring....
But hey, some people in our own team don't even know about the updates:O:P

So I'll give you guys an update, no not about firmware 5.00 about the website.

So P-SPot 2.0, what is it?
How It Started
When we (Borg and me) started P-SPot we wanted to make a website that was easily accessible via the PSP, and we started making it and had around 100 visitors. Then I made a few updates to the website and Borg posted it on the QJ Forums, and that's when all hell broke loose!
Hell broke loose!
We suddenly needed to go from free hosting, to paid hosting to be able to stay up all the time, and we had a difficult time keeping the website updated. We started hiring some more people, Goatje, Toby, Crytek and Garethlye. Goatje would help me with the programming, and the other 3 would help moderate and post news. Now this is a pretty good basic system but it wasn't enough to stop us from slowing down. So we thought it's time to go to 2.0!
2.0 means that the users get to contribute as well! This makes our jobs easier (less updating, making more new features), and creates a good community. This is where we are now! I am currently working on the 2.0 project and am about half-way through, so I'd say that's pretty good :D
Enough bullshˇt, that's all I had to say, trying to give you guys an update.

If you came through all the way, thank you, and we're almost there!

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by zakir8 - Friday October 17, 2008

thats good. thanks for the update.

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