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PSP-3000 Firmware Changes :: Friday October 3, 2008 :: posted by garethlye

PSP-3000 Firmware Changes

Sony’s revamped beauty, the soon to be released PSP-3000, packs a new set of configurable options in the firmware. Yup, we have it verbatim — over at IGN, via Famitsu.com — they’ve detailed the discovered changes. But first — the visual comparison…

The PSP-3000 has a setting for “Color Space” under the system settings section of the XMB. This can be switched between Wide and Normal. Wide exploits the full color depth of the revised hardware, while Normal returns you back to PSP-2000 level color.

The 3000 firmware has an option for Automatic USB Connection. When this is switched on, the PSP switches to USB mode automatically when a USB device is connected.

Finally, the 3000 firmware offers a noise reduction feature for video out. This is used to cut the noise when outputting the PSP’s video signal to a television.

And while we’re on the subject of firmware changes; Sony Japan announced come fall we’ll be able to download games/demos, amongst other goodies, direct from the PSN store. That means no need for a PC or PS3. This update will be available for all PSP models.

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