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CWCHEAT 0.2.2 REV.D Released :: Friday October 3, 2008 :: posted by garethlye

CWCHEAT 0.2.2 REV.D Released

In the early hours of the misty morning, Weltall once again sent word concerning his latest version of CWCHEAT. Revision Dís primary focus: optimizations. And in addition to the various optimizations, which ultimately reduced the overall binaries by ~ 15KB, 0.2.2 REV.D features improved usability ó check the change log below.

Since itís been awhile; the CWCHEAT synopsis Ė

Cheat all your favourite PSP and PSX games directly by discovering your own, or using known Action Replay, Game Shark, CAETLA, and Xploder codes. Installation, along with instructions to use memory card and USB support, are detailed in text files included with the RAR archive. Furthermore, CWCHEAT is bundled with RemaPSP allowing you to remap PSP buttons and controls.

Take your time, read the documentation; CWCHEAT is a powerful plugin.

CWCHEAT 0.2.2 REV.D changes:

* [ALL] Now > 4.x firmwares are checked for the sony msfatmod thread suspend bug and the check of the memory stick space is disabled to avoid a freeze situation.
* [ALL] Optimizations in the firmware checking
* [ALL] Added support in the gui for setting a button combination to open the text reader directly
* [ALL] Added the possibility to have cwcheat look after a certain address and show changes happening to it (you can access it from the cheat search menu)
* [ALL] Updated the pointer searcher to allow use from the command line. These are the arguments it takes in order to use it this way:
-cli <dump1> <dump2> <address dump1> <address dump2>
* [ALL] updated the toolchain to the latest version
* [ALL] Various optimizations which allowed to reduce the size of the binary

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