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Geared up! :: Thursday July 31, 2008 :: posted by Kodess

Back from vacation!
It's evening now so no straight away updates....
But, mm I'm gone and the site goes dead.... lol.
I have 2 projects I work on:
- psp.gdteam.net
- Text based browser game
as you see, the second one has the possibility of coming to the psp, maybe even on psp.gdteam.net :weirdo:
We'll see, first I have to finish psp.gdteam.net :hmm:

by garethlye - Thursday August 14, 2008

with you all the way kodess

by lilchris321 - Saturday August 9, 2008

when r u gonna put firmware 4.05 up

by garethlye - Friday August 1, 2008

wait..i dun get by wat u mean by psp.gdteam.net
arent we already here?
or is a non forum computer based one?

by zakir8 - Friday August 1, 2008

pls try to do it fast.

by 3mo-boyZ - Thursday July 31, 2008

:s In french please

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