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Ubuntu 7.10 for the PSP :: Tuesday June 3, 2008 :: posted by garethlye

Ok this would make Borg EXTREMELY JEALOUS !!!

Ubuntu 7.10
* Complete recoding
* Creating a window manager that allows you to move (round move the mouse over the bar orange top)
* Possibiliter to move almost totaliter window (except explorer)
* Creation of the cube compiz (accessible via select)
* Change the color of selecteur
* Changes in the eboot
* Information menu now displays the version of HB, address mac, and the model of PSP.
* Deletion of the menu to change the funds, because now it can be set directly from the explorer MS
* The menu is more complete extinction (true eve stop)
* Possibiliter relocate any desktop icons (round move mouse)
* Ability to mount disk following:
o Flash0, 1, 2, 3 (works in theory ...)
o UMD (functional but long)I
o n the explorer MS:
o Possibiliter load prx (many are planting the luaplayer)
o Support for JPGs
o Improving the image display (indication = directional arrow move the image)
o It is now easier to use (if you stay press, enter or emerge as a file)
o Launch of ISO
o Possibiliter to create / delete file
o Possibiliter delete files (the move in ms0: / PSP / GAME / Ubuntu 7.10/corbeill / the little trash can be emptied by clicking on the icon at the bottom right of the bar spots below)
o Possibiliter to rename folders and files (do not forget to write the extension)
o Possibiliter copy files anywhere luaplauyer
o Possibliter to create a file without extension (do not forget to bring (little help to create a file txt or lua ...))
o displays the size of the remaining MS megabytes
o Shows the total size of MS in MB
o Possibiliter copy / move files (attention has come an existing directory and no metter / a the end)

As with the previous release, Ubuntu 7.10 v1.0 is built under a GNU license, giving the users free reign over how they decide to customize its functions.


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by garethlye - Wednesday June 4, 2008

The answer for that is im not an admin. I can't upload stuff to borg's storage server. U can only hope that kodess will upload them and edit my posts which I dont think he will to all, as we have limited storage space so we can't have them all. But u can request him to upload...only if alot of ppl w

by MahSixFo - Wednesday June 4, 2008

Nice, I Just Dont Understand Why You Give Links Instead Of Uploading Them Here...

by Borg Queen X - Wednesday June 4, 2008

omg, anyone knows if this beats irshell?

my iphone still rulez more, and it will stay that way i think:love::P

But i must say that the psp homebrew scene really is one of the best. More and powerful homebrew then for the iphone homebrew scene.

by psp256 - Wednesday June 4, 2008

can you make this direct download?

IR shell is only extracting /Docs/ with 1 image file and 1 text file

the file size shows 14 MB for .RAR

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