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CFW 3.95 GEN Download to PSP Directly! :: Sunday June 1, 2008 :: posted by garethlye

After the long wait and technical difficulties...the release of CFW 3.95GEN!!!
Developer MaGiXien assures you that 3.95 GEN is functional, and their latest build even alleviated the compatibility problems with PSP Fat models. Yes, they've overcome the Fat's memory limitations.

But that's not all - the team has even taken steps to ensure that the VSHMENU from Popsloader, IRShell (well, most of it), and CXMB were tested on 3.95 GEN. The results were sucessful. While VSHMENU support is extended and confirmed working, IRShell's ISO, UMD loading functionality and CXMB operation won't work without updates.

What's new in this CFW...

~ Compatibility with the official firmware 3.95

~ Option to choose between various sources of updates (GEN Server, Server M33 or official server)
~ The option to choose between VSHMenu or Recovery accessible via the SELECT button in VSH.

~ Access to recovery / vshmenu via press SELECT (adjustable)
~ Updated network directly on the server via PSPGEn icon Network Update (adjustable)

The developer team says that they've managed to test several other homebrew programs, and they've been found to be working perfectly.

I would like to remind the readers that you will need to have a PSP running on at least CFW 3.71 M33 to get 3.95 GEN working on your handheld. As always, don't forget to check out the Readme.txt file included in the file bundle for more information on how to install CFW 3.95 GEN. You can also view additional details on its different functions there.

Download it directly from your PSP!!
Just go to the firmware section!
Download the the Update

You do need the 3.95 Eboot....
and put it in the root of your memory stick, download the EBOOT
Download IRShell to move the Eboot called 395.PBP to the root of your memory stick!
IRShell can be downloaded from the HB-APPS section

by goatje - Monday June 2, 2008

thanks for this!

by garethlye - Monday June 2, 2008

hey! lol

by Kodess - Sunday June 1, 2008

Its in the firmware section, didnt even read your posts, just thought of it!
You do need the EBOOT of 3.95 OFW in the root of your memorystick though...
Work it out ;)

by crytek - Sunday June 1, 2008

its possible but we don't do it i already say only dark-alex firmwares

by garethlye - Sunday June 1, 2008

"by zakir8 - Sunday June 1, 2008

if possible can u make another section in the firmware section???"

Named what?

by zakir8 - Sunday June 1, 2008

if possible can u make another section in the firmware section???

by garethlye - Sunday June 1, 2008

ok... but its at QJ?
BTW it got delayed for a couple of hours

by crytek - Sunday June 1, 2008

not in the firmware section... we set only Dark-Alex firmwares in the firmware section.

Edit Kodess: No we Don't...

by psp258 - Sunday June 1, 2008

i agree with zakir8

by zakir8 - Sunday June 1, 2008

not the link but in the firmware section pls.

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