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CSPSP v1.55 Release :: Tuesday May 27, 2008 :: posted by garethlye

Nataku93's Counterstrike homebrew game for the PSP, known as CSPSP. As CSPSP v1.55, the game now has support for 3.xx firmwares, which means you should be able to run this on the PSP Slim. Unfortunately, it only has support for 3.xx custom firmwares now, so you might have to upgrade your CFW to use this homebrew.

Here's the full list of updates and changes as listed on the forums:

~ 3.xx firmware support (haven't tested on slim, but it should work)
~ Fixed server list (hopefully)
~ Fixed bug where only part of the server list is downloaded.
~ Redid a lot of the networking and added client-side prediction to make online play smoother and less buggy
~ Automatic map downloads when connection to servers
~ Made the scoreboard only show the top 4 players in each team
~ Music reimplemented (but causes some lag)
~ Chat now shows if the person is dead/spectating
~ Added more sounds (walk, ricochet, pickup, ammo, hit, knife hit, die, ct win, t win, round draw)
~ New update system
~ Just fixed another small bug where auto balance would mess up count of remaining players on each team for a round.
~ Fixed a small issue in the server application where it would freeze on trying to send a map.

From the notes on our forums, it seems this application is quite popular, so you should be able to find someone to play with if you check the forum link below. That being said, feel free to download the app and enjoy!


by ffzvmou - Friday December 5, 2008

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by garethlye - Thursday May 29, 2008

yes i know, but i dun use it anymore. bought a new laptop ^^

by psp256 - Thursday May 29, 2008

wow irshell is sweet! we dont need direct downloads anymore

by garethlye - Thursday May 29, 2008

just click the DOWNLOAD button.
it will bring u to qj.net
If not, wait untill the admins upload it

by khali - Wednesday May 28, 2008

... where download?

by garethlye - Wednesday May 28, 2008

If u would like more HB games please state in the forums category P-spot Downloads as the admins do not want to add something people do not want.
Get Irshell, you can use that instead of a computer.
we already have direct downloads

by Kodess - Wednesday May 28, 2008

I'll upload it asap, probably today

by psp256 - Wednesday May 28, 2008

also, i dont have a computer. just my PSP with internet

by psp256 - Wednesday May 28, 2008

we need direct downloads to our PSP

by zakir8 - Tuesday May 27, 2008

also please add more hb games and apps so we could download directly to our psp.

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