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NervOS 2.0 Shell Replacement :: Saturday May 24, 2008 :: posted by garethlye

NervOS Release
Mann, Ir Shell has some serious competition here..

NervOS 2.0 features:

File Browser: improved extension system, there should be no errors anymore.
New original theme (by CO_ol)
Improved keyboard: does not hang anymore
Added support for March33, Normal and SonyNp9660 drivers
Added 3 core files: usbhostfs.prx, ctrl.prx and isodrivers.prx
NervOS Configuration: ability to change ISO Driver, disable/enable Are you Sure Question, change CPU speed, change font, disable/enable Splash Screen and disable/enable Log In.
When exiting from NervOS, if you have the nosautoboot.prx enabled, it will not return to NervOS anymore.
Improved screenshot function, does not overwrite saved screenshots anymore.
File Browser: detects every extensions (if they are typed in the file name)
NervOS uses flash memory from now on *
PSX Game Loader
NervOS Recovery
Text Editor
NervOS Installer
Ability to have up to 3 users using NervOS
Log In feature - password + username
NervOS Wiki


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