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PSP Filer 5.1 :: Saturday May 24, 2008 :: posted by garethlye

Now do more with Mediumgauge’s PSP Filer… The popular homebrew app has received yet another update, resulting in PSP Filer version 5.1+. The plus denotes a couple bug fixes found in the earlier 5.1 release. And most notably, 5.1 introduces the convenience of in-homebrew USB support.

You know the rest.

PSP Filer 5.1+ changes:


[5.1] enabled to connect to PC via USB in kernel3 version.
[5.1+] fixed a bug that the kernel3 Filer could not run under some kind of CFW version (that caused in 5.1 only). Instead, in those CFW, 5.1+ of kenel3 Filer cannot run USB feature.
binary viewer:

[5.1] added a binary-editor feature.
note: a large file (more than 22MB) and an archived file (which is bound in .zip, .rar, etc.) cannot be edited.
binary editor:

[5.1+] fixed a bug that Filer crashed when it opens 0 byte file.

DOWNLOAD: http://www.psp-hacks.com/file/1075

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