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DESIGNERs / ARTISTs WANTED :: Friday May 16, 2008 :: posted by garethlye

Ok we are thinking of changing the logo of the portal of that old one to a better looking one..
So we need designers/artist or anyone with experienced with the photoshop.
Basic Specifications (may change):
~ A golden dragon
~ A PSP (any)
~ The text "P-SPOT" without quotes on it
~ and also a moto
~ has to look cool and not cute (like cute anime pics)

Please PM me or CodesRcool about the moto and ill see if its suitable.
And please...
No nudity, explicit texts, copyrighted pictures (we'll get in trouble if included), linking to competing websites, gayness, cuteness etc etc
It has to be about games and the psp console. As long as there is a golden dragon and pspot on it, ill look into it.

People that help make the logo will be rewarded...in a way that i choose (decent gift)
PM me for further info.. :roll:

by gfwgdow - Monday February 23, 2009

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