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Golden Dragon Team :: Tuesday May 13, 2008 :: posted by Kodess

As our website grows through time, it also has it's losses. These losses are sometimes big and sometimes small.
The biggest loss is ofcourse that Borg doesnt have a PSP anymore and will not continue to work for this part (psp.gdteam.net) of the website.
But losses always come with something good. We have been able to embrace two new people to the team, Goatje, a couple of months ago, and Garethlye, a week ago.

Team members so far:
CodesRCool(me) is the main programmer, and made the website.
Toby is a learning programmer, and moderator of the chatrooms.
Goatje is a programmer, with pretty good skills making some cool stuff, which you will learn of maybe even this week.
Garethlye is our new news poster, doing a great job right now, posting at least once a day!

If you want to become a member of GDTeam, just go to the forums and PM Me!

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