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Release: 6.35 Pro-A, a LCFW for 6.35 owners :: Tuesday February 8, 2011 :: posted by Zasisem

Well I don't need to say much. Click on.

"Virtuous Flame takes his Hen 6.35 PRO to the next level, and releases 6.35 Pro-A, a CFW for Hen, which adds many features to the 6.35 Hen

I haven’t tested it yet, but Virtuous Flame has delivered several quality releases in the past weeks, so there’s no reason to doubt the quality of this one.

This revision includes:

* VSH Menu
* Possibility to run ISOs from the XMB
* connection to the PSN
* Possibility to play recent games

Virtuous Flame also announced the next revision will have PS1 games support… and you, are you 6.20 or 6.35? Total_Noob, or liquidzigong? Keep in mind that thanks to Davee’s downgrader, you can go back and forth between 6.20 and 6.35, to test both Total_Noob’s work on 6.20, or liquidzigong’s on 6.35.

Website pspgen report a few incompatibilities on this LCFW, with some homebrews or plugins.

6.35 Pro & 6.35 Fast Recovery (optional)


* You need to be on 6.35 OFW
* Download and Run the 6.35 Hen by VFlame and Coolbird
* Download 6.35 Pro-A above and put it in the GAME folder of your memory stick
* Run the 6.35 Pro-A UPDATER icon that should appear in your XMB
* in the Updater menu, press X to run the LCFW
* This should install the necessary files and put you back to the XMB. That’s it!

Keep in mind that this is a LCFW, you will need to launch it again, everytime you reboot your console.

Feel free to report failure/success with this LCFW here :)

This copies files to the flash, although I trust liquidzigong, please understand that manipulating the flash has a risk of bricking your PSP.

Source as9vg.com , thanks to Magixien for the tip"

by JimmiNi - Saturday October 21, 2017

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by md sagor - Tuesday October 3, 2017


by md sagor - Tuesday October 3, 2017


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